What is Big Baus Token?

A Revolution in Crypto World

Big Baus Token was developed in May-22-2023 and is backed by the power of a dedicated digital currency exchange. It is specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and allows individuals to make a cost-effective, secure, and fast transaction via a decentralized peer-to-peer network system.

Big Baus Token are now being used worldwide and have become the preferred choice of entrepreneurs.

Although according to experts, the major prominent crypto currencies of today’s time are not going to be around for a longer period. In the journey of other crypto currencies, several issues have not been sorted out, as there are some defaults, and Big Baus Token has noticed and researched about it and then has implemented the solutions in its creation process. Among the major issues which plagued other crypto currencies, include the excessive processing energy consumption, 51% attack, and manipulation of the ASIC computer chip that drives the technology.

Big Baus Token (BBT) have resolved these challenges and with the application of the latest and modern technologies, it has become more relevant and friendly for the users. To make it user-centric is the main aim of the project.



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